Sunday, July 24, 2011


I described my writing process to our daughter Elizabeth, and this is how she interpreted it. It's called "How Nana Writes". She calls me Nana and has called me that since she was less than a year old. Leslie is Momma, and I'm Nana (pronounced Nonna, which rhymes with Donna). This is how I write.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


It’s just a day and a half away from our Fourth of July event, and I am deeply embroiled in all the activities that make me happy.  I’m hot gluing rocks and jars, tweaking captured faeries, and putting finishing touches on signs and framed art. All of this is the product of our family’s creativity.  Some of Elizabeth’s crafts will be for sale, and none of it would happen without Leslie’s ceaseless support.

Over the last few days, we’ve had good fortune on the art front.  I was chosen to participate in the prestigious “Celebration of Craftswomen” event in November, which is held at Fort Mason in San Francisco. There are a total of 200 artisans in its entirety, and I was one of the new artists picked out of thousands of emerging artist entries (according to the woman who organizes the event).  I feel like this puts my art on the map and empowers me to call myself an artist.  I remember hoping I’d have the confidence to seriously pursue this only a year or so ago. 

I also joined the Art Guild of Pacifica, which is my way of supporting art in my community.  They’ve got the Craftswomen event listed on their site, and I hope to participate in their upcoming member’s exhibit in the Fall.  I’ve started to feel quite at home here in the lovely coastal town of Pacifica.

All of this good fortune in creativity makes me ponder the muse.  I am thankful for inspiration in my life, but I know it stems from somewhere else, someplace ephemeral.  There continues to be a special someone or something who ruffles my feathers enough to rouse the feelings I need to begin and complete each artistic journey.  In fact, most of my recent work happened once we returned from Connecticut three years ago; at which point I was unburdened from detrimental relationships and friendships, old emotional baggage rooted in the past,  once and for all.  Then, I got settled back in the Bay Area and encountered people and circumstances that lit my spark again. All of my recent full color pen and ink work emerged from that small flame. 

So, I dedicate the event on the Fourth of July to my persistent muse … the spirit of my creativity, the inspiration I find daily, and the place she's held fast in my heart.

Thank you, dear heart, my darling muse for lighting the spark of my creativity.

I yearn for your kiss of inspiration again and again.

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