About Me

Donna L. Faber is a 49
year old self-taught artist living in the beautiful coastal community of Pacifica, California.  She’s been in a relationship with her partner Leslie for almost 30 years, and they have a 15 year old daughter.

Up until 2011, Donna was in private sector business, managing offices and facilities for various accounting and consulting firms in downtown San Francisco.  When she was laid off in a merger related company reorganization, she felt her life being put on a different path.  Since then she’s been going with the flow, but is grateful for the skills she accumulated while in corporate.

Donna’s interests vary.  She is happiest when she’s doing several things at the same time.  Artistically, she works in acrylics, loves pen & ink, enjoys collage work, creates custom gifts like gift baskets and jewelry, and is an avid card maker who has a line of custom cards made with embellishments.  Donna is currently exhibiting in and is involved with the art community in Pacifica.  As a writer, she is half way through her first fiction novel, frequently writes press releases for the local art scene and in her current position with an art gallery, and she’s been published in the local paper.  She is also reviewing and editing college level papers for students.  While she does biographical writing about artists and art shows in her community, she is also an experienced business writer.  Donna is currently available for freelance writing work.

Donna is fully present on social media and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, her website donnalouisefaber.com (which is about her art and writing) and this personal blog called “Sapphokinesis”.  The term “Sapphokinesis” describes the forward creative motion that is prevalent in her life.

The Family

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