Thursday, May 8, 2008

Faber Sims

I got an email from Jen yesterday.
About two weeks ago, she was in the hospital for four days getting the first of four separate doses of intense chemotherapy. We talked a lot when she was there. Er, our phones did, anyhow. At home for a week since, Jen was troubled by nausea. The doctors have prescribed four different anti-nausea medications, but she still lost 11 pounds in less than two weeks. The good news is that she's sleeping well. She came up for air yesterday, and sent pictures of our family as Sims. How cool is that? Jen's gone to great lengths to get our characteristics as close as she can ... all I can say is I wouldn't mind having a figure like that!

So ... hats off to Jen, who finds time to send amusing pictures to her friends even though she's fighting for her life. She's in our hearts and prayers. She's also one of Ma's daughters, and so knows that no matter what happens, she is well in hand!
See more about Jen's fight here.
We love you, Shining Jen!
The Faber Girls

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