Monday, July 28, 2008

Morgaine is Dreaming

The sea of dreams is vast and deep;
a place best seen when fast asleep.
Morgaine is alive when visited there;
Her love runs rampant everywhere.

She beckoned to you with fiery hair,
and a blue-black cloak splayed out to there;
Cinched up waist and eyes of kohl,
That pierce you to your very soul.

So, naturally, you slept every chance you could get.

At first you gave her what she needed;
All of you and more, unheeded;
So every time she called your name,
You gave it all …

… yes, Morgaine’s to blame.

Then one day, it wasn’t enough.

The dream became a bleak nightmare;
Laced with your aggression, that half crazed stare.
Whatever Morgaine had said or done,
You shot like a bullet, from your loaded gun.


What does it matter,
You know it’s true;
You only loved her,
When you thought she wanted you.

Maybe you just woke up.

Rapture neg

(c) 1989, The Rapture in Negative by Donna L. Faber

A Study in Corel Draw

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Sue said...

I love the art.

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