Friday, September 19, 2008

Hey Jane, it's WTF Friday!

Jane Devin has a cool, recurring article called "What The Fuck Friday". Her narratives are typically very clever and rendered in a number of creative ways, the artistic approach of which is rivaled only by the comments left by her loyal following. Inspired by Jane, I offer up my own personal What the Fuck Friday, aka personal rant, echoe-ing a comment I left for Jane and offered up only this once.

All of a sudden the media and our government have discovered the link between the housing market (in the crapper) and the banking institutions (falling like dominoes). We’ve careened right over “recession” and taken our place at “the worse financial crises since the Great Depression”. The train is heading toward that cliff, and we’ve got the Goddess and her happy little natural disasters pushing the caboose, as well. We all know that New Orleans is still a mess … well, it is where the po’folk are. And what about Cincinnati? It’s not been the same since the floods in May and June. Houston? Still no commerce there, for the most part, although there are trucks all over trying to get the power back on for a million some odd people. How come the media isn’t saying much about that? No, we’re too interested in watching SNL spoof Sarah What’sername on YouTube. I watched our esteemed President on the news this morning try to instill the American public with confidence. Why? To assure us everything was okay, shove more poo-poo down our throats? No … the train is already running on the destruction of our country as we know it. Nothing he says is going to stop that. In fact, I’m convinced he aims to squeeze everything he can out of us before he takes his place in the history books. This morning he was trying to convince those of us who haven’t sold our house, pulled our savings, or sold our stock NOT to jump like fucking lemmings! He did everything but BEG us not to withdraw our 401K’s, which is probably the only thing, at this juncture, keeping “it” strung together.

That's not all.

Lunch Time

My biggest WTF of the week is PMS. Yes, I said PMS. Fuck the country, it’s all about me. I started the week in an utter fog, barely articulate and not really able to organize my thoughts, never mind my desk. I mean, I just couldn’t get my head around it. Then, on Wednesday, at about 3pm, I got a splitting headache, the damn burst, the fog cleared, and I organized my desk in under 20 minutes.

On Bart

What the fuck?


Liara Covert said...

People can be 'aware' and unaware of reality at the same time. Human beings have selective senses they turn on and off at will. Now, why would that be? A lesson is available:

If a situation does not seem to affect you directly, and you are settled in a comfort zone, then you are less likely to pay attention. Now, as you are shaken up with life's twists and turns, like a sense of loss of health, money, relationships or other things that have meaning in your life, then you are reminded you can choose to change your view of yourself, your priorities and focus. You can choose to go through periods of increasing self-awareness. This is how many people begin to understand that everything is interconnected. When you permit hunger to exist in other countries or even your own and focus instead on how you can get more of what you want, this imbalance will inevitably reverrberrate back. Everything is energy. people resist taking responsibility for their own actions and how their thoughts and behavior influence what goes on around them. Everything that happens is meaningful. You have choices how to perceive it.

I have friends who invest heavily in retirement savings. One friend confided she recently lost 20,000+ because her governmnet invested in unstable markets (she blamed something outside herself). Other people lose savings when governments borrow money against retirement savings that were already spent and respent years ago on wars and other self-interested pursuits. This kind of financial decision-making must have consequences. And it does. You can choose to re-evaluate your view of the world and sense everything is changing for the better. Moping gets you nowhere. Sense transitions instead.

Donna L. Faber said...

Liara ... as always, I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate your view of the world and how we choose to perceive it. This tongue in cheek accounting of current American affairs is my way of acknowledging the absurdity of it all. During this time of great transformation, I count my personal blessings, and watch the Goddess in awe!

Jane said...


Donna, I enjoyed your post. I'll leave my tongue bitten on Liara's comment though.

Donna L. Faber said...

Hi Jane ... I understand.

You know, there are a certain contingent of individuals who believe that we enter this life with a soul's contract of sorts. We enter into the life of our choosing in order to learn certain large scale lessons. I believe this is where Liara comes from when she makes these comments (although I can't speak for her).

Trouble is, if you don't believe that, or if you don't have a larger woul recognition that helps justify the bad things that happen ... it sounds like so much flooey.

I guess I am somewhere in the middle. I do understand that so much of what I've been through has taught me lessons. And the mark of the Goddess is on my life. However, I can't accord for the intense suffering of children as you describe it, Jane. I haven't found a niche for that yet.

So ... here I sit in the middle.


Liara Covert said...

I admit my awareness has been changing greatly because of unforseen circumstances in my own life. I have also known people to be angry and bitter about the curve balls life seems to throw them. I guess in the end, when life throws you lemons, you can choose to taste the bitterness and dwell on the sting of juice in your eye or, make lemonade and laugh it off. We always have choices.

Donna L. Faber said...

Liara ... I wourld completely agree with this in the large part. Lemons are indeed manageable. It's harder to understand how to handle when life more or less ruthlessly lobs, at 150 miles per hour, a giant size citrus fruit that is rotted. What to do when it lands all of you, messing your body, mind and soul. What to do when you are a child, and now sure how to make lemon aid.

Each perspective has a valid viewpoint, and it is often difficult to lay one solution or comment to explain all.

Jane is a wonderful, talented person who has been through hell and back and lived to write about it.

You are a gifted writer who sees the world through a different lens than Jane.

I find it ironic that you both responded to this post, and that you both has such different viewpoints.

Interesting ...

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