Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The ancient ones lie quietly, as old as the mountains, as strong as the rocks, stability and fortitude their mainstay ... that, and waiting, of course. They wait patiently for the world to turn on its spiritual and historical axis. With weathered wings that long to soar, eyes that see absolutely everything, and ruby red hearts of the purest crystal, they wait and wait until the sleepers awaken. They know that some of the sleeping ones can see them from time to time, tentatively aware as they are in their slumber. For the ancient ones, who need no mirror to realize themselves, and for whom existence is whether seen or not, this is only consequential. Soon the sleepers will awaken and ask them to be guides again, and, oh, the glory will return! But until then, with patience of the ages, they remain content to wait ... and listen to the primordial om, the sound of all being.

Meet Gregor, one of the ancient ones. Master of all the elements, this ancient guide prefers the earth to the skies, and wraps himself in a comforting drape of aromatic flora simply because it pleases him.

Om ...

Look here for A. Venifica's wonderful information on dragon totem symbolism.

Look here for information on Amma's visit to the San Francisco Bay Area.


V-Grrrl said...

Donna, This is absolutely beautiful! Radiates magic...

Anonymous said...

Magnificent. Dragons really flip my switch for reasons beyond the obvious.

Your Gregor is a stunning beast. You've rendered him in painstaking detail - gloriously bejeweled.

I watched him, then closed my eyes. His scales still glitter in my inner sight.

Gently approaching him, I see my reflection in each of his faceted crystals (trippy).

Thanks so much for sharing your sparkling gifts. And, for resurfacing a very well kept secret.

Angels got the credit first...for being spirit guides/guardians/messengers/fill-in-the- blank.

Dragons serve in the same capacity and beyond. Their inception was simply more primitive.

Hence, the subjective understanding of the dragon was less received by human perception than angels were. Angels came on the scene a bit more formulated, more digestible to human logic than dragons.

Some of us identify deeply with your artistic rendering, and wholly with what you've written here.

There are some of us who have been awake and have taken the dragon as their consort. Some of us even move as one accord amongst a legion of them.

Thank you for seeing, recognizing, translating and being awake.

And, thanks also for wiping the sleep from the eyes of all who would See.

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