Sunday, March 1, 2009


As creative impulses rock our tiny little rental, it is a challenge to find space to go with the flow. Where once there was a workshop, now we contend with the dining room table. And you know what? It's working just fine. Here is the latest creativity from the Faber Girls ...

Tiny Art

Tiny Easels by Elizabeth on February 28, 2009

Elizabeth just finished plowing through all four books in the latest Twilight Series by Stephanie Meier. Have you seen those things? Each one is two inches thick, making a total of eight inches of the written word that Elizabeth has absorbed between early January and now. Naturally, most of her artwork as of late is inspired thereon.

Creative Space

The Dining Room Table

There's plenty going on here, not the least of which includes Elizabeth's incomplete portrait of Bella from Twilight (lower left hand side), my matted picture of Gregor which is going to Jen (far right), cards in the making, and essentials (pens, glue, etc.). In the upper right hand, next to the cd's, you'll note the ever-present and oh-so-important doggie cookies. Can't do squat without those.

Last, but certainly not least, I've been goofing around a lot recently with the Photoshop program on Elizabeth's laptop. I really like what it does, and even though I've given thought to painting these (I mean, they look like paint-by-numbers pieces, don't they?), I think they're kinda cool standing on their own merit.

Jack Boy

Jack Boy 2006

Baby Daizy Cut Out

Baby Daizy 2006

Daizy Close up cut out

Daizy inna Car 2007

Dark Liz fresco

Elizabeth Fresco'd 2004

Liz cut out

Cheeky Girl 2004

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