Saturday, April 25, 2009


My new found internet friend, Angela Starlight, at Enchanted Starlight Studio in Colorado, posted an art prompt that got me ta thinkin'. The prompt is SPIRIT. I've done so many pieces inspired by divinity and feminity, even celebrity, as I find so much of my inspiration from popculture. But I wonder... what piece speaks to the spirit in me?

In the very early 90's, when I was heavy into drawing female superheros, I started a vignette on a science fiction idea I've had since high school. I never got past three pages, but some of my favorite personal images come from that vignette.

This piece specifically speaks to the spirit in me. It's called "Rapture".


This black and white piece was done in india ink on Bristol Strathmore Water Color Paper. It is unsigned and undated. The pentacle is a symbol that holds personal significance for me, and the feminine figure, always reaching upward toward divinity, is resonant of my spirit. The figure on that lady? Well, maybe I looked that way in my teens ... maybe. That was a long, long time ago.

There you go ... SPIRIT.


V-Grrrl said...

She looks both strong and sexy--not just like she's reaching for something, but like she's holding up a piece of the sky.

P.S. My word verification is "quail." Hmmmm....

Angela Starlight said...

Hi Donna!

This is SO stunning! I absolutely love it. The symbolism could go as deep as you wanted. To me she reminds me of Diana, with the Moon behind her, the pentacle of course and magik flowing up above out into the universe. Beautiful! :)

Avia said...

Hi Donna,

Like V-Grrl And, like Angela observed...very stunning.

Love how you've utilized your medium to emphasize a potential theme of duality and contrast.

I viewed your piece on a laptop...and I held the laptop some feet away from me to get a different perspective.

Doing this allowed my eyes to see a giant know, like what's in big grandfather clocks (or should I say, grandmother clocks).

This reminded me of the theme of cycles and all the (vast) connotations that tag along with revolutions, evolutions and the arena of time.

As always, brilliant work. I love how your art pops open my "other" eyes. I mean, your art is true eye-candy...but it opens up the other extrasensory peepholes that really add connection and understanding.


Donna L. Faber said...

Thanks to all of you for the wonderful and encouraging support. I don't know about you, but even though I've never met any of you, your comments mean so much to me. Isn't that something?

VGrrrl ... you're right. It looks like she's holding something up, which isn't so far from the truth. I am the financial support (almost solely) for my family, so in a way I hold them aloft, willingly and with love. It is my single most important purpose in life at this time.

Angela ... All that eldritch fire is in deed magic. You nailed that one on the head. I've got some serious witchcraft in a past life that has leaked purposefully into this one.

Avia ... as always your deep intuition sees so much into my work, my life and my writing. You are a sage, dear one. But the pendulum is so thought provoking and quite indicative of a blog I am currently writing. The pendulum swings between my spirituality and my family, back and forth.

You guys rock! I'm serious adoring all of you.


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