Sunday, March 7, 2010


I'm still working on my art journal. The quick and easy format suits me well at this point. I'm still feeling attention deficit and seem unable to focus on much else artistically. But, hey, give me some stickers, a punch, and some glue and I'm golden.

This is good. I'm enjoying it. It's satisfying.

25 Yrs
3.7.10 -- on June 30 it'll be 25 years. I moved from CT to be with Leslie after knowing her for three weeks. I remember thinking, about 8 weeks into our relationships, "I wonder what it'll be like after 25 years?" Well, here it is ... time goes by so fast.

Happiness is ...
March 5, 2010

Because of you ... 3.7.10


Norn Cutson said...

what i love most about this is that you can SEE and FEEL that you are having fun!
and I can sense the texture & construction, so that even just looking at it, its a tactile experience!

Donna L. Faber said...

Norn ...

Texture & construction ... I'd say about 10 years ago I got heavy into collage work. It was so cool at the time. Then, that sort of turned into card making. Same basic process with different materials, slightly different focus. I found myself recently with the same *need* for collaging/cardmaking/building, but all my card making stuff is in the garage buried and blah blah blah. So this happened instead, which I think is kind of cool. I've always had a thing for journals, and when a book is infused with creativity like this, it quickly becomes magic, as you know.

Groovy ... I'm glad you're digging it.


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