Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Squirrel

Today, I went walking in Golden Gate Park. It was my favorite lake area, right off 42nd Avenue at Fulton. We used to take Casey there (our beautiful Casey, RIP) years ago, even before Elizabeth was born. There is a spot on the opposite side of the lake,a lovely place, and I stopped there to see what I could see. Within moments I was surrounded by ducks, tiny birdies, and then seven squirrels, in the tree around me.

This one little chippy hung around for the longest time and was quite bold. She got within 6 inches of my phone, which I used to take these picture. My phone camera is the pits, so these good shots prove how close she got. I walked away finally, and she continued to appear in front of me, as if to be absolutely certain I hadn't found something scrumptious in my pocket.

I have been blessed by good squirrel energy in the past. The Summer of 2009 comes to mind. I'd just gotten my last job and was grappling with confidence issues around my art work.

Here is excerpt from my blogpost dated April 13, 2009:
However, squirrel symbolism is highlighted first and foremost, particularly at spring time, encouraging me to recover those nuts I’ve put aside to focus on my new job. In real time, we’ve had one little nut hoarder scurrying industriously around our yard since we’ve moved in here, leaving little holes dug up here and there. It had a run in with our Boston Terrier, Daizy, one evening a few weeks ago that brought Elizabeth into the house huffing and puffing about a doggie/squirrel stand off at the base of the palm tree, and did I know that squirrels can growl? Despite that direct message, it never occurred to me to think about what it was saying. Not until now, that is. We finally named the squirrel Nutmeg, and you might be interested to know that Nutmeg has recently found a companion. Now there are two of them racing around like Red Bull lunatics. But this particular nut wasn’t just waiting to be taken out. It was waiting to be turned out! And riding the wave of Amma’s abundant energy, I launched my artwork publicly on Cafepress and RedBubble. This was a leap of my faith for me, and an indication that my confidence continues to develop. I have my friends to thank for encouraging and embracing this.

The timing of these little visitors and their reminder is good. I'll keep this message in mind as I prepare for the show coming up on May 1.  I'll see you in Half Moon Bay at Pacific Coast Dream Machines.

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