Monday, May 23, 2011

Rest in Peace, dear Jack Boy

Elizabeth wrote this piece for Jack when she was 11 years old. I'm working on a memorium blogpost, but this is so sweet and entirely appropriate.  We miss you, Jack.

Desert Dog
by Liz Faber

In his eyes
a desert
at night
a ring of ebony
of shining gold
none of them perfect
all jagged
never perfect
but always.

When you look at him
you see an old mutt
his face white
the rest a worn out rust
but when you feel him
you feel a puppy
his smile so pure
drool dripping off
his rough tongue

His life
a journey
a maze
started out
in a desert
but somehow
got to me
I don't know how
only he
my puppy
my old dog
knows the secret

His mother
the sun
his father
the moon
his brothers
the sand.

But there's one thing
that I know
he's my puppy
my old man
my dog
and I love him.


jane said...

A beautiful dog for a girl with a beautiful soul. Elizabeth...I am so glad that you and Jack found each other in this life.

Donna L. Faber said...

Elizabeth says "thank you", Jane ... we all miss Jack, but Daizy is working diligently to make us all feel better.

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