Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When Telling Turns Out Alright

Last Sunday night was one of those nights when things happen for a reason.  Remember that post I did over a week ago about Elizabeth’s friend who threatened to commit suicide?  We were eating in one of our favorite restaurants tonight and this very girl and her family were there, as well.  Talk about serendipity.  We almost went to another place instead.  We were all at 8th grade graduation, and I even saw this girl at the 8th grade dance afterward.  There were plenty of chances to bump into her parents, but we didn’t bump into anyone.  Last night her mom came over to speak with us, and we shared a really heartfelt conversation.

The little girl is doing well, but it was a close call.  She was in observation for 72 hours and has received a diagnosis.  But the good news is that her family is tightly knit, is supporting her and things are going well.   Leslie and I were both really happy to hear that.  Everybody shared a big hug, and the little girl came and hugged me too ... which was nice.
It was nice to have it all come full circle.  

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D said...

hi, Donna! I got your comment on my blog about collaboration...
I'd love to exchange links/buttons and have you guest blog.
Can you email me at lilfamilyblog at gmail dot com???

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