Saturday, January 7, 2012


Have you ever noticed that talented efforts born of true passion seem to jump out at us?   Take fine art, for example.   A work of art that is experienced in technique or done by a schooled artist doesn’t always measure up to work that springs from true inspiration.  I believe this is true with many things, but I never associated it with the tarot community until recently.

A year ago this month, a woman named Jude Alexander received author copies of the tarot game she created.  The game emerged spontaneously and sincerely out of the group of tarot enthusiasts she belonged to, all women, for about 14 years.  All were seekers looking for new ways to understand the tarot and perhaps taking it to a new place.  In fact, Jude didn’t actively look for a publisher.  It all happened spontaneously. 

I had the pleasure of a reading with Jude and her game via Skype just before the Christmas holiday. I must say, the experience was much deeper than I had anticipated.  Skype made the experience quite genuine, as I felt like I was sitting right across from Jude.  Of course, that may have been her warmth, sincerity and the passion she has for the game reaching across Grandmother Spider’s great internet web. 

My query was general, sort of a “what do I need to know at this time?”, and in response Jude did a three card reading.  The game not only offers cards for interpretation and inquiry, but there are blessing coins and other question cards that pull you deeper into thought.  This surprised me.  Not the game’s components, but the intensely private realm it encouraged me to address out loud.   For example, at one point the game asked me if there is a role in one of my relationships that I’d like to redefine.  At first I was reluctant to answer, but like the seasoned adept she is, Jude, working in smooth tandem with her game, didn’t let me off the hook.  With a calm and encouraging demeanor, she helped me sidle up to that question until I was comfortable with her and willing to offer my answer.  It was very personal,  venturing  into an area about my father at a point when I was very much wishing our relationship was different.  In fact, it was the topic of discussion between my partner, Leslie, and I frequently in relation to current events in our tightly knit family.

This highlights the penetrating difference between The Tarot Game and a one-on-one tarot card reading.  While a good, intuitive tarot card reader, one who is experienced and confident, may allow or encourage a reading to become an interactive experience, The Tarot Game is interactive by design.  It helps the querent identify personal frustrations and then offers actions and affirmation to help deal with them.  So, for the querent looking for a deeper experience, The Tarot Game offers an interactive journey into timely introspection and spiritual self-analysis.  How wonderful!

At this time, 500 games have been sold and tarot enthusiasts out there are being challenged, provoked and intrigued by its inquiries more than ever before.  Jude is also training group facilitators to broaden the experience, and given the passion and sincerity she brings to the game, I would venture to say her facilitators will be equally as sensitive.  I can’t imagine she’d have it any other way.

The Tarot Game is available on Amazon and on The Tarot Game’s website.  I’d also encourage you to hook up with Jude on Facebook.  This is a unique and innovative way to explore the age old Tarot, and I highly recommend it.

The Tarot Game on Amazon
The Tarot Game's Website
The Tarot Game on Facebook


The Tarot Lady said...

I just love The Tarot Game! The kids and I played it this Christmas and had so much fun - it's now going to be our annual Christmas tradition!

Hilary said...

Jude is a gem, and so is her game!

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