Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Pace Picks Up

Now the pace really picks up.


It starts tomorrow at work with saying good bye to my staff over cake. These people love to have cake. They have cake for holidays, birthdays, and special ocassions … you name it, they have cake. It’s been a wonderful year with them. Once they realized I am trustworthy, and the barriers came down, we did wonderful work together. My three supervisors are all awesome in their own way. Duane, a dedicated Virgo family man who has the heart of a prince, needs only to have as much confidence in himself as I have in him. Katarzyna is like a tigress, an Aries who is hungry for opportunity, as well as smart and quick. She came to this country only nine years ago without speaking a word of english, and now she successfully navigates a changing workplace with confidence. And then there is Linda, a sensitive empath and a natural leader. She is another Aries whose quiet demeanor only slightly covers a steely interior and a streak of strong independence. I’ve pushed her hard to prepare her to take the account when I leave. I hope she gets what she wants from it, and I hope that it is what she wants it to be. All three of these people have taught me much about myself, and I am grateful to them for that gift.

After tomorrow the clock moves faster. Minutes pass like seconds, hours like minutes. I stare at all the packing I have to do, all the arrangements we have to make, before we hit the road, and it makes me feel a little flippy inside. I have to admit I enjoy this purposeful energy, however. It’s fast and furious. It’s all about the goal, and I’ve always found that satisfying.

This will be the second time Leslie and I have moved across country and back. I’ll do what I always do, and get to it one thing at a time … one thing at a time.

The pace really picks up now.

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Liara Covert said...

Everything happens at exactly the right time. As you learn to dissolve fear, you realize you are more ready than you have ever been for the changes that await you on the horizon.

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