Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Lovely Day

What a lovely day today was, and so needed after the intensity of last week.

I slept in and slept soundly, my dreams guarded by my celebrity guardian angel, Dolly Parton. I dream about her frequently, and last night remember asking her not to let anyone fool around with her shoes as she was getting ready to go on stage. She assured me she wouldn’t. I can’t get over how it’s like she’s really right there, larger than life, in these dreams, and as always I am helping her get ready for something.  She is another productive and ambitious Capricorn that has captured my Leo heart.

I walked at about 2:00 p.m. with the big dog, Jack, as my pedometer counted steps. I bumped into a swarm of hummingbirds on Oddstead near a feeder. It was amazing. At first I saw just one, but as I stood still, a whole bunch came buzzing through, hovering in front of my face to check me out, landing beside me, and dancing all around me. They were mostly Anna’s Hummingbirds, with the dramatically crimson neck, and they were absolutely enchanting. I wonder what their sacred message was this time.  Stop to smell the blossoms perhaps?

We hit the road shortly thereafter in search of the ocean, needing to recharge spiritual and emotional batteries.

On the road, there were rows and rows of cat ‘o nine tails, and I’ve always been fascinated with them. Hawks popped up everywhere, and California Condors soared. Always the big birds mark the scenery in our travels. It was a beautiful drive down Highway 1 through Half Moon Bay and on then to Pescadero. The surfers in Half Moon Bay were out in full force. Lunch at Duarte’s in Pescadero was good, as well. I enjoyed the cream of artichoke soup, but Leslie and Elizabeth didn’t like it much. Elizabeth didn’t appreciate the taxidermy animals on the walls or the country feel of the restaurant, and Leslie just plain hated the soup. Relying on Guy Fieri’s review in “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” she had high hopes and felt disappointed.  As Leslie and Elizabeth held their heads closely together conspiring in hushed tones about something they agreed was unacceptable, I had to smile. They are so much alike in the most unexpected ways.

Elizabeth is becoming a mini-woman and is full of her own opinions.  She chattered on like a magpie all afternoon, and told us about her new friends. She is surprised that these friends are so much better than the ones she had to leave behind after worrisome mean-girl drama and a difficult separation. She’s juggling a million interests. French, dancing, singing, ice skating, cheer leading, art, digital photography, and Camp Coyote Point are all things she wants to learn or do immediately in preparation for a busy summer and the first year of high school. She’s excited about high school and discusses it with us frequently.

I am rejuvenated in the presence of my family, and as always we three are easy with one another.

Weekends are always a good thing, but some are more needed than others.

This Saturday was just right.


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Norn Cutson said...

Sounds like a dream!
I wish I knew how to have a family of my own.

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