Monday, January 31, 2011

Sacred Space

Donna at Pescadero Beach
I’ve always relied on sacred space for piece of mind. It is present, available to be shared by everyone, and it is consistent. No matter what my problems are, or what situation I’m in, at no matter what age, I have both unconsciously and consciously sought out and found sacred space throughout my life. Sacred space can be a natural setting, like the mountains, or a prairie, perhaps lakeside or your garden at sunrise. It can also be something you create, like a shelf, or a more detailed altar. It can be your kitchen, when no one is in it or the backyard at night, just you and the stars. What matters most is the feeling you get being there.

I go to the ocean to find my sacred space. It’s where I feel connected to a higher power and my spirituality. I’ve always resided close to a large, living body of water. First, it was the Connecticut coastline, where the power of the Atlantic is muted by Long Island Sound. Then, it was the crisp, cold Pacific Ocean on the California Coast, where nothing blocks the sound of waves crashing on the shore. Living near water has always been important to me, and in times of turmoil, the ocean is my refuge, the place where I go to recharge my batteries.

By far the most sacred ocean spot I’ve visited is Pescadero Beach in Northern California. Once, while picnicking at this beach with my family, I said to my daughter, “Do you see Mother Nature at work here, Elizabeth?” And her answer, completely innocent at three years old was, “Boy, she sure is getting everything wet!” I cherish all of my experiences at the ocean, but that higher power feels more present to me here than any place else.

I find my sacred space at the Pacific Ocean.

Where do you find yours?
Pescadero Beach 2010

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