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THE FINAL WITCH: Morgaine is Calling

Spender Stanhope's
Morgan le Fay
Morgaine is Calling
Morgaine, my love, are you calling me?
From beyond the lusty, soulful seas
Of retrograde calamity!
Supreme, you once reigned over me;
When distractions outweighed reality,
A glorious mistress named Destiny.
Yes, She tests us all again and again;
And as planets come ‘round, doubts may set in, but …
Lo! New journeys are ripe to begin!
Morgaine, my heart, your day is done!
No karmic bondage, no smoking gun;
For tenets once binding are long since unsung.
But know this …
You are my moral compass,
My lamplight in the black;
You are what keeps me straight & true,
Though your call harkens me back.

I look fondly on the past,
But seek refuge in the present.
Even though …
Morgaine is calling.
 ©January 29, 2008, Mercury Retrograde, Inferior Conjunction
“The term Archetype began with Carl Jung. In Jung’s terms, ‘archetype’ is defined as the first original model of which all other similar persons, objects, or concepts are merely derivative, copied, patterned or emulated.  These patterns derive from a universal collective consciousness which in metaphysics is called the Grids, Akashic Records, Sea of Consciousness, that which creates our reality.  In this context, archetypes are innate prototypes for ideas, which may subsequently become involved in the interpretation of observed phenomena.” (author unknown)... Archetypes are visual symbols or energetic imprints that exist in our psyche.  They can often convey messages that verbal and written communication cannot.   As simple energy patterns, archetypes are often neutral.  The subjectivity of our personal experience and the way we are perceived by others, and how those two perspectives interact, interpret those archetypes and how they manifest in both light and shadow aspects in our lives.  Upon feeling our archetypical energy, we give it form embodying it in the mainstream in popular film, fiction, drama, and the world’s religion and mythology.  These embodied archetypes, when viewed retrospectively or in sequence, become the colorful tapestry of our personal mythos, our story."  Excerpted from a Blogpost dated January 28, 2008.

Jessica Walters as Morgan le Fay
in tv's "Dr. Strange"
I wrote the poem above in 2008 at the beginning of a significant transition in my life.  It wasn’t the first time Morgaine encouraged me through a difficult period, but it was the first time I was able to unload enough emotional baggage to finally feel free.

As Archetypes go (and witches for that matter), Morgan Le Fay from the Arthurian legends, or Morgaine as I prefer to call her, is one of my personal favorites.  I’ve written much about her in my blog here.  I find her most fascinating because as I changed and grew, she changed and grew in my pop-culture lens right along with me. As the evil Sorceress Morgan Le Fay, she was one dimensional, bent by the mainstream media to be an evil witch, focused on power, conquest, and the evil use of magic.  She made countless appearances in comic books and also some on television.  

Then, I discovered Marion Zimmer Bradley’s “The Mists of Avalon”, and Morgan became Morgaine, Sister to King Arthur Son of a Hundred Kings, and a Priestess of the old religion.  Like the witch  Elphaba in “Wicked”, she became multi-dimensional in her story and likewise when applied to my personal growth and changing archetypes.  I devoured that book and Bradley's other works hungrily, convinced the author experienced past life memories rather than simply creating fantasy. The stories were too rich. They resonated too strongly within me.

Morgan le Fay
by Anthony Frederick Sandy's
Morgaine is my favorite, the most meaningful, and the final “witch” in my Halloween Countdown.  I also realize this is a personal posting that may not make much sense to you.  She is special to me for many reasons, but for now, her mysteries include these messages: 
  • Don’t let others steal your power. If you’re too hung up on how others feel about you, or too hung up on the past, you’re giving it all away. 
  • The goddess is everywhere.  When modern spirituality began to change, She didn’t disappear; she simply took a step back to let the nonsense play itself out.
  • Be aware of what lies behind the veil.  Everything we perceive is subject to the lens we view it through. 
  • Everyone is entitled to their point of view, their own voice. Anything less is a conscious or unconscious ploy for control. 

Have a wonderful Halloween!

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