Friday, October 14, 2011

Hilary Parry: The Girl Next Door Who Reads Tarot

I’ve been read by many tarot card readers, and I’ve had all sorts of readings. I’ve had very, very bad readings, and I’ve had some good readings, too.  Even some wonderful ones.  So my experience and discernment ensures I identify and focus my energy on readers who are in touch with good ethics and professionalism.

I read the cards myself, but have done so only once for another person in the last few years.  I use the cards as tools of personal query and spiritual discovery, and they are extremely inspirational to my work and creativity.  

I am connected to a group of tarot readers on-line.  These are tarot professionals who take their work seriously.  They do professional readings, they charge for their time and effort, and they have a client base.  They meet about the tarot, present on the tarot, and in many cases write about the tarot on–line and in published works.  They make it a point to attend tarot symposiums like RS11 and SFBATS, for example, to make connections and to congregate with people of a like mind.  They all have a solid presence on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+.  Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady of Milwaukee, is one of these women.  I bumped into Hilary Parry on-line after she became Theresa Reed’s tarot mentee, and Theresa promoted her work.  I had no qualms about Hilary’s ethics given the company she keeps.

Heeding the call of her heart much like I do with my art, Hilary Parry has just launched her own professional tarot business.  And as part of her promotional introduction, I was fortunate enough to get a free reading that consisted of two questions.

            Our interaction was entirely over the computer, so I put my questions in a message.  Hilary provided the readings back to me the same way.  Given that she and I have never met and have never talked on the phone, I was very impressed with the precision of her work.  Her interpretations of the cards in answer to my queries were not just spot on, but deep and multi-dimensional.  Hilary gleaned the most profound layers, the unseen gems, of the reading and brought them intuitively to the forefront.  This is the profound difference between a “reader” who relies on definitions and established symbolism, regurgitating already published information, and a gifted intuitive.  The intuitive uses her gifts to weave the truest and most pertinent meaning of the cards into a metaphysical tapestry, and then communicates or articulates her discoveries in a way that is understandable to the querent.

I highly recommend Hilary’s services.

You can find Hilary at and on Facebook.

You can find Theresa Reed at and on Facebook.  Theresa is currently redesigning her website, and as soon as she launches, I'll add a link to the side bar here.


The Tarot Lady said...

Thank you for the kind mention, Donna - and for writing such a great review of Hilary Parry. I think she is a major talent and the future face of tarot. I see greatness ahead. She's amazing.

Glad to know that you think the same.

Hilary said...

I am absolutely humbled by you choosing to blog about my reading for you, Donna. Thank you so much!

Donna L. Faber said...

My reading was an absolute pleasure, as is my on-line association with both of you. Isn't the internet terrific?

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