Tuesday, February 1, 2011

10 Seconds in Heaven: A Bunny Tail (I mean, tale)

Dis bunny iz not happy
(photo by Liz)
I managed to avoid going on a "bunny reconnaissance mission" with Elizabeth last night. She is determined to stage a coup and rescue the rabbit we caught Sunday from its careless owners. It is, indeed, very cute, and yes, the way its owners are treating it is borderline negligence ... but I don't want any bunnies. We did the bunny thing already when Elizabeth was in kindergarten.

In 2001, we had two bunnies. First there was the boy, Clever Rabbit Nibbles, who was very sweet. He was a brown sort of color, and had a lovely disposition. Then, we got Miss Lucille, who was black and white and named after the teacher Elizabeth had at Montessori pre-K. This bunny wasn't so sweet. She started out sweet, but she also used to run around the living room chewing on things until she happened upon some electrical wires and nearly electrocuted herself. After that she wasn't so nice. Have you ever heard a bunny snarl? It's a scary thing.

We kept Clever and Miss Lucille on the back lanai in South City. It was sort of an outdoor living space off the third bedroom and very lovely. They each had their own extremely roomy cage, and despite our veterinarian's many warnings about leaving two bunnies of the opposite sex together for any length of time, we did ... once ... when I was cleaning cages. It took Clever only moments to realize there was no barrier between he and his beloved, and so he and Miss Lucille had their 10 seconds in heaven, which is all the time it takes for bunnies. The female bunny or doe ovulates on command at any time. It's not like a dog. An un-neutered female dog will go into heat once every six months if you're lucky and, as a responsible owner; all you must do is keep her off the streets and in a diaper. A doe, on the other hand, drops an egg any time a buck smiles at her. In about three weeks we had three more bunnies.

Elizabeth and Miss Lucille,
the snarly doe
Miss Lucille had three of the sweetest little babies, and she hid them for the longest time. This is what rabbits do in the wild. They go to great lengths to hide their new born babies, who at birth are naked, blind, squeeling little cheeze doodles. Elizabeth called me at work one day so excited about seeing them finally. And they really were the cutest things you ever did see. So, then I had five rabbits to clean up after, until they got too big to house any longer.

We managed to find homes for each of the babies. Domino went to a store, Vanilla went to a third grader from where Elizabeth was going to school. The third one, Clever Jr., went to a private home, as well. Then, due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to find homes for Clever and Miss Lucille, because having so many rabbit cages on the lanai with all that tasty rabbit food started attracting other critters ... ew.

We were ready to be done with the rabbits for a time, I think. But it was very fun, and we got some outstanding photographic moments out of it. I have the most beautiful picture of Elizabeth with the babies in a basket, but for the life of me I can't find it.

Now, we've got rats ... er, ratties, as they're called. But they're both female.  No worries there.


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