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FROM OUR WORKSHOP: Elizabeth's Faeries

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We got into a faery frenzy in July of 2006, which wasn’t too long after we arrived in Connecticut. We were still getting to know our new house, and I was still unwinding after career/life overload in San Francisco. We had yet to experience the lessons on friends and family the following Christmas would bring us, and which would trigger a long series of therapeutic blog entries for me. I saw a picture in a magazine that inspired this whole thing, and the creative urge and its manifestation felt manic. It was so cool that I could go with it, that I had the room to express it, and that I didn’t have to derail for work. I’ve worked every day since high school, so this six month sabbatical was wonderful! I was also thrilled that my creative expression became realized three dimensionally through sculpture. This was a first and it was fascinating. What was equally as fascinating, although not quite surprising, was the way our daughter picked up the ball and ran with it. Elizabeth has sculpted in the past, and so took to this like a duck in water.


Elizabeth and I were engaged directly in faery creation for three straight days, together giving life and story to the first few faeries in our collection, some of which have since found homes with friends. The first will always be my favorites. I’m going to write more on this in my spiritual blog later, because this effort does have spiritual significance to me, but for right now, I’ll let them stand (or flutter) on their own merit.


Here are some of Elizabeth’s Faeries in what she says should be called the “Classified Faery Files” because we share even a tiny a glimpse of the creative process and thereby spoil the myth of their existence.

Well … you know as well as I do that myth and reality are interdependent.

The Kupla

kupla cropped

This little fellow grew drowsy after the merry chase that landed him captured in this jar. This faery is a Kupla (koop-la), and he lives off the items he steals from the homes of humans. He is wearing pajamas, cut from big people pajamas, and had his teddy with him when he was taken. You'll note the teddy has wings also. This faery was captured by Liz, who knows (and has yet to divulge) his secret Kupla name. She figures he's already in the jar, so, why embarass the little guy.

Note: Elizabeth gave the Kupla to her girlfriend Lindsay for Christmas in 2007. He now resides happily in Ansonia, CT, where he strives to tease the family cat ... you know, when he feels like getting up.

kupla crop

My pen and ink rendering of Elizabeth's Kupla done in February 2007 and colorized with Corel.

Frostine, Queen of the Frost Faeries

Frostine is Queen of the Frost Faeries and an elemental. She is unhappy because she was caught and has many things to do! Don't worry, Frostine, we'll let you go soon, so you can join Jack Frost this winter and return to freezing dew drops.

Note: This Christmas 2007, Elizabeth gave Frostine to her bosom friend, Margaret. She now resides in Northford where she has been busy at work with winter decorating.

There are many more, but these were Elizabeth's first and so will always hold a special place in our family's faery history. We continue to make faeries in our workshop, the most recent of which is a water feary Elizabeth made. It has a mermaid tail. It's the coolest!

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