Wednesday, March 5, 2008


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Salt Faery

This delightful little sprite hung around the house for weeks before she stayed in one place long enough for us to photograph her. Terribly shy, non-verbal and very quick, she wears no modern or natural clothing, and is perfectly innocent in shape and form. Because she doesn't speak, we had resigned ourselves to her presence. We couldn't hope to capture her unless she spoke her name.

Success! I received a shipment of genuine Himalayan Salt via UPS. Upon opening the box, this faery immediately and enthusiastically joined us, first flying about the salt rock lamp joyously, and then lighting upon a rock crystal. Resonating to the organic purity and spiritual significance of the salt rock, she refuses to leave now, save for a few laps around the salt lamp in the living room once every few hours.

We continue to observe the salt faery, but only cover her jar at night when the dog can't be supervised. During the day, she comes and go as she pleases. She doesn't seem native to this area, most particularly because she has assumed no New Haven behaviors or clothing styles (er ... she has no clothing at all). We will wait for the next full moon to see what happens. Elemental faeries seem very responsive to the moon when it is full.

By Donna L. Faber
September 16, 2007

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Salt Faery

salt faery color

Here is a pen & ink rendering of our salt faery, colorized with Corel.

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