Tuesday, March 11, 2008


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Serenity is a Peace Faery, an elemental whose calling is healing. Whether healing the world or someone's body, someone's mind, or working to dissipate the never ending net of negativity that envelopes Mother Gaia, peace faeries are always busy in silent meditation or prayer. Their work is on the subtle plane. This particular feary is native to New Haven, but I'd wager other Peace Faeries can be found hanging off the hem of Ma's sari in India. Serenity went to be with Jen on Christmas of 2007, where she now does her work nestled in a warm cove of Jen’s personal office.



Glowing Serenity

The Aura of Serenity.

Fooling around with Corel Draw.

Sculpted by Donna.
See faery mythos
Backyard Faeries by Donna & Liz Faber
(c) September 10, 2006
"Each Backyard Faery is sculpted individually and no two are alike.
They are hand painted and lovingly placed in a jar for safe keeping.
But don't worry, we do let them out eventually. "

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