Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Adventures in Decompression

Mental Clutter on the Shelf

It’s been a bit over two weeks since my last day in the office.  I was laid off on February 4 and my journey with de-stressing began. 

I guess I was very tired because I’ve done a lot of napping.  I’ve enjoyed the luxury.  At the same time, my brain still thinks it’s going back to work in two days and has to get everything done by Monday morning.  So, I’ve got four lists going on simultaneously.  One is for home projects, one is for art website changes, one is for art business, and one is for generally creative ideas.   I’ve organized my creative space including some furniture assembly, re-organized Leslie’s patio at her direction, and re-decorated Elizabeth’s room. 

There is the usual stuff.  I’m paying the bills and partnering with Leslie on financial planning going forward.  I’ve updated my resume and comb the internet for jobs daily.  I’m planning Elizabeth’s summer, which will be busy, and I’m in the middle of a series of art works.  I write a blog post whenever I’m compelled.  Lately, that’s a lot.

I’ve been through the kitchen phase.  For two weeks, the kitchen was spotless before I went to bed.  That passed. I’m still in the laundry phase.  Every single piece of laundry is done, including the piles that build up when the bulk of it is sorted in the hallway.  I sense that phase will end soon.

The days go by quickly, and although I don’t have to be, I’m just as busy as I was when working.

I hope my brain figures out what’s going on before too long.  

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