Saturday, February 26, 2011

FROM OUR WORKSHOP: Gregor (Guardian Series #2 of 4)

Guardian Series, #2: Gregor  © February 26, 2011 by yours truly.  This is the second in my Guardian Series, and you can see the first one here.  Done in pen and ink with silver highlights on Arches paper, the original is 12"x17", give or take.  It will make its way to my art site once it’s scanned. This is the third portrait of Gregor I've done since first becoming aware of him two years ago almost to the day.  As it's been buzzing around in my brain for a year, I’m very happy it’s on paper and done the way I envisioned it. 

I received five sheets of Arches paper from my friend Lambi in Greece.  She does almost all of her art on Arches.  This paper appeals so intently to me at this time because it’s really thick (just like I am) and once you commit to it, you’re in it until the drawing is done (just like a relationship).  My previous portraits of Francine were all about flexibility.  I layered paper as my perception of each version evolved. With this paper, layering is out.  I have to let myself go wherever the paper pushes the marker and hang with it when it happens.

Right now, as I navigate this crossroad in my life, I’m all about going with the flow; and as usual, my art is a reflection of where my head is.
Gregor: My Dragon Spirit Guide

Here is the first portrait of Gregor , and you can read about it here on my art site.   Read about how he emerged into my awareness here.  And there is more fiction type stuff here.
The Queen of Wands
(a self-portrait of sorts)
This is the second piece, in a self-portrait entitled “The Queen of Wands”. 

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