Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FROM OUR WORKSHOP: Ganesha (Guardian Series #1 of 4)

"Ganesha" Guardian Series # 1 of 4  © February 16, 2011 by Donna L. Faber, all rights reserved. This is the first in a series of images on Arches paper, and it was done using permanent fine ink and silver markers.

This inspiration for this project started with an original piece of art my Grecian friend, Lambi made for me and sent from Europe.  She uses Arches paper all the time, and it is strong enough to handle the multiple layers of texture and color she applies.  I love the piece she did for me, which is called “Full moon over mermaid with lotus”, but I also fell in love with the paper it was on.

When I went in search of Arches paper, I found it at Michael's Art Store, where there is a small 8x10 pad retailing at $75.00. There are perhaps 10 sheets in all.  Say what?  I couldn’t justify spending the money now, so I whined about it on Facebook instead.  And then, to my utmost surprise and amazement, my friend Lambi took it upon herself to send me four sheets from Athens.  What a sweet and genuine gesture!  I’ve worked with this paper for three days, and it is the most luxuriant, plush, and textured surface I’ve ever used.  It takes water color paper to the next level, and adds an element of surprise to what you’re applying to it by directing the pen unexpectedly from time to time.  It’s exciting!

I'm focusing on personal Guardians with this series, those who watch over us, remove our obstacles and keep us safe and protected.   Ganesh has always watched over my family, and about two months before my last job ended, I became focused on him intensely.  I knew Big Brother would take care of me, but I had no idea that the obstacle he had to nail to do so was my job.  When we ask the gods and goddesses, any diety, for assistance, it is best to prepare for anything!  They rarely give us want we want, but always give us with what we need. 

I’ll post this to my art site soon.

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